Exploring the Irish Blogosphere


In 2011, at the ICWSM conference in Barcelona we presented the first quantitative analysis of the Irish blogosphere, working with Karen Wade from the Humanities Institute of Ireland (HII). Since then, there has been considerable change in the use of blogs, particularly with the rapidly increasing popularity of microblogging platforms such as Twitter. In September [...]

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Finding Patterns in Movie Lists (Part 2)


In my previous post, I described the collection and initial characterisation of a new dataset, consisting of user curated lists of movies originating from IMDb. Here I provide a more in-depth analysis of the data, by applying techniques from social network analysis and bibliographic analysis to discover latent patterns of movies within the aggregated list [...]

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Finding Patterns in Movie Lists (Part 1)


User content curation is becoming an important source of preference data, as well as providing information regarding the items being curated. One popular approach involves the creation of lists of items. This is facilitated on a range of sites, from lists of users on Twitter to lists of locations on Foursquare. In previous work, I [...]

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